Once we have received your return, conducted an inspection (of the return), and verified that your return meets the guidelines, your refund is subject to a 15% re-stocking fee.

Why are we charging a re-stocking fees?

As you know we sell parts at deep discount and deep shipping discount.  We are not in the return business and we do every effort possible in the order processing to minimize/catch possible errors so you can receive the good part the first time. However, the only way we can do this is to cover our expenses (employee, packaging, freight cost). When we sell you a part, we cover our operation expenses by the sale price.

However when you return a part, we now need to cover these basic costs by charging you a re-stocking fee. Most of the returns require much more work than a regular order. There is many employees involved in the various steps of the process and we need to cover the cost as much as possible. (Return request review, RMA issuance, receiving and inspection, reboxing and back on the shelve, issuing your credit, credit card transaction fees)

Also, note that you have enjoyed a discounted shipping rate for your shipment, we have now no way to recover this discount that can be considerable in many case and this discount was embedded in your order price. In many instances, the re-stocking fee is not even covering the real shipping cost that was spent at the time of your order.


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